My Heartfell Joy On the 25th Anniversary of Mother of Perpetual Help Parish

My heart-felt congratulations and happy 25th Anniversary to Giáo Xứ Đức Mẹ Hằng Cứu Giúp! It’s a blessing and honor to be able to celebrate this great occasion with the parish I once was a part and which will always be a part of my life.

I remembered when I first joined the parish, it was a small community and now it has grown to a bigger community with new church and school. How wonderful the Lord has been to our Mother of Perpetual Help Parish. However, it is not the size of church or the quantity of community that I am most grateful for, but the faith, love, and the spiritual life that the community has developed and built upon through struggles and joys.

I have witnessed that deep faith and growth in the community. I have had the opportunity to be part of this Parish from the time of Fr. Hai Dinh, Fr. Hoa Trinh, Fr.Tuan Bui, up until the time of our present pastor Fr. Hai Nguyen. Most of them were very supportive of religious life and of building strong loving families. They have developed different programs, groups, and events for youth, young adults, and families. I was introduced to a faith sharing group (Nhóm Linh Thao) through which I got to know God in a deeper way and which led me to later teach catechism and RCIA. Through this event in my life, I discovered my calling. I never thought that I would become a Sister but God has a mysterious way of working in our lives if we are open to listen. So, through pastor’s support and the community, I found my vocation and joined the Sister of Charity of the Incarnate Word in Houston. I hope all of us, especially our youth and young adults continue to be open and listen to the Spirit working within them and respond to God’s call, whether it is to dedicated religious, single life, or family life.

It is my most fervent pray that Giáo Xứ Đức Mẹ Hằng Cứu Giúp will continue to grow in faith, love, and hope. As St. Paul said in Roman 12:5, “We, though many, are one body in Christ an individually parts of one another.” I hope that we continue to love and collaborate with one another to build God’s Kingdom here on earth. Each of us is special and precious in God’s eyes and we are equally important and unique regardless of our gifts, talents, etc. We are one body of Christ.  May we continue to be united as one in Christ and take part in building a good foundation and in incarnating God’s love to others. May Our Mother of Perpetual help watch over and protect each one of us in her loving embraces. God bless!

Sr. Kim Xuan Nguyen, CCVI

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